If you were drawn to this post in the hope of finding the very cheapest Tattoo Starter Kit including Chinese tattoo machines and poisonous ink then I can only imagine your disappointment.  Stick around none the less, learn something….

As any Old School Tattooer will tell you: Tattooing wrecks the body.

Having spent time around people who have been tattooing 20+ years I have heard of and experienced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  Others have not stopped there, the list of ailments my peers attribute to tattooing range from gout to severe back and shoulder problems.

Through Tattoo Training online ( this section of the website ) I will show you how to avoid, or potentially cure, a few of the issues related to tattooing that the body will face.

Over a period of time we will be working on a few fundamentals that will help you greatly no matter what stage of your tattoo career that you are at.   

Balance, Posture and Grip strength are key to being a healthy Tattooer.  You can further strengthen your game with improved hand eye coordination, the program I am laying out will cover all of these aspects.

But first to your Tattoo Starter Kit……. No I do not sell them go and build your own.

Where to train?  Personally I train in a droughty old garage and my garden, improvisation is key.  So is convenience and cost.  My facilities are free and I do not have to put any effort into my gym kit or appearance.  If a gym is “your thing” by all means join one, BUT remember you will not train everyday BUT you will pay everyday.  My system is designed for home training…. 

For your Tattoo Starter Kit you will need the following:

tattoo starter kit

  • A yoga ball which is only a few quid from the supermarket.
  • Something to lift in each hand, I use Bowflex dumbells, they are expensive, mine are a used set from eBay.  They are worth the investment as they take up no room and give me a range of 10kg to 90kg…… if you don’t have Bowflex cash to splash then a bag of sugar in each hand or a tin of paint will work just as well to start ( improvisation is also an important part of tattooing ).
  • A SURF balance board: You can get these on eBay, my last search threw up a few 50 bucks up options. The pro surfboard branded boards go for around the 150 mark.  But again if you’re on a budget then a 20 buck skateboard deck and a piece of industrial pipe will do the job….. just don’t forget to carpenter up a couple of wooden “stops” for the bottom of your board.
  • Training shoes: Proper running shoes, I use mizuno, they are proper shoes for clocking up miles.
  • Something to punch: A Heavy bag, an old mattress or if you want to go all rocky maybe a slab of frozen beef? Anything that will offer a little resistance

Once you have done your shopping / scavenging for your Tattoo Starter Kit then we can get started on your posture.

In the meantime if you want to start without me then stick your new trainers on and every morning, without fail, go for a walk with a goal of a mile…. as this will become part of your daily routine for mind body and soul.