If you thought I was going to teach you to tattoo over the internet then you’re going to be disappointed. Having said that if your ultimate goal is to be a tattooist then stick around, the information here may be of use to you in the future. Likewise if you’re just interested in tattoos or even just looking over my site there could be something of use in this section.

Tattoo training online is exactly that, it’s a few pointers on staying fit and healthy enough to have a long and productive tattoo career.

But first a bit of background information:

Seven years ago I believed that my tattoo career was coming to an end. As a late starter in the craft at 40 years old I was devastated. Everyday I would wake up at 4.30am, I could not feel my right hand except for the burning pins and needles and it would take an hour to get any real feeling back. My forearm constantly ached and I was wearing and elbow brace in order to tattoo.

I was in pain everyday.

My mood was off. My work was off. I had an excuse to end a session early and used it often. I was not hitting my diary hours, I was coming up short. Painkillers were a big part of my diet. So I took action: I joined a gym and went daily, I dieted and I switched to super light rotary tattoo machines. There was an immediate improvement. However, I was still in pain, a lot of pain and it was creeping up into my shoulder and neck.

Fast forward to 2017. I am 52 years old. I have been tattooing for thirteen years, I tattoo a minimum of five hours a day six days a week. I use coil machines, the older and heavier the better.


No carpel tunnel symptoms. No trigger finger. No pins and needles. No elbow problems and No neck or back problems.

In this section of the website I will explain how I achieved this through diet, training, balance and posture training, grip strength and hand eye coordination training.

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful, it is free and you’re free to make a comment in the comments section. Any questions just ask and tips or tricks that you have to share please post them in the comments section.

I am no expert, nor do I have any qualifications in this area. I have simply found a system that works for me that I would like to share, it may not work for you, but the aim is to help or inspire you to find your own.

It is not, in my opinion, better to burn out than fade away.