Since giving up social media Iaint has found some extra time during his busy days. So what better way way to fill that time than with his original chosen field of automotive airbrush art, or custom paint and murals as it is better known.

Now its  been some years since Iaint painted professionally, so this is definitely just for fun for now. So far there is a Davida Jet crash helmet in process and the skateboard deck. Iaint is getting his “eye in” with a few old school classics; skulls, roses and a dragon on the helmet.

Once finished these items will either be on display in the Studio or for sale at the Studio or one of the many conventions we will be attending in the not too distant future.

Iaint is not taking any Custom Paint and Airbrush commissions just yet.  Once he has built up some stock and display work we will work out how we can offer a bespoke Custom Paint and Airbrush service.  For the moment we would struggle to offer or meet deadlines. 

However we will be adding a new banner to the front of the website for Custom Paint and Airbrush.  So you will be able to easily follow Iaint’s progress with his Airbrush.  Who knows maybe you will see a piece of art you want to hang on your wall.  Or maybe you could collaborate with Iaint in the future on a custom painted crash helmet?

Keep checking back for updates, the airbrush section of the website is officially open!