A new customer came to the Studio recently wanting to book in for a tattoo for his 18th Birthday.  He wanted a Tiger Headdress Tattoo and booked in on the exact day of his Birthday!

This customer had a few different ideas when he first came in to book.  He brought with him different reference images and wanted to combine bits into a single Tattoo. 

Iain made sure when talking to the client that he fully understood what he wanted.  They discussed the Client’s plan for the future and also what he wanted to achieve from his first Tattoo.  A man wearing a Tiger Headdress Tattoo on the inside forearm was decided upon for this customer’s first tattoo.  We took a full brief of what the client wanted to include as well as the style he liked.

The customer booked in for a half day session – a 5 hour appointment for the price of 4 (£320) – to get his first tattoo on the day of his 18th Birthday. 

On the day, the client arrived and saw the artwork Iain had created from his discussion and the brief given by the customer.  Iain had created a trash polka style design including a man wearing a Tiger Headdress with a compass in the same style.  He designed it to fit the shape of the inside forearm and to work as a tattoo on its own but also a piece that can be incorporated into a larger piece at a later date.

The Tiger Headdress Tattoo was completed in the afternoon session and is a strong piece for this customers first Tattoo. 

If you would like to see more of Iain’s work including other Tattoos he has done in one of his Afternoon Sessions take a look at his gallery here

To get booked in come in to the Studio during our opening times 10.30am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday just like this customer did – please do call ahead to make sure that Iain is available.  Or if you can’t come in to the Studio get in contact with us now.