Triple Cartilage piercings are hot on the heels of the Triangle Lobe Piercings which are fast becoming a favourite here at I Ain’t No Saint.

Triple Cartilage piercings don’t have to be in a triangle, but sometimes they just work out that way and look great!

For example, returning customer Natalie had 2 cartilage piercings she had had done a few years ago.  They are fully healed and she wanted to update her look.  The first part was to fit some new jewellery and then we added a new piercing.  

Natalie had seen the post about triangle lobe piercings and decided to get a triple cartilage piercing in a triangle.  This fresh new look gives a unique take on the normal cartilage piercings and really revamps her older piercings too!

Regular customer in the I Ain’t No Saint Studio Karen (check out this blog post from when she was in here) loved her first conch piercing so much she wanted to get something in her other ear.  Originally we marked on 2, but realised there was some space available…and really it would have been rude not to add a third!

So Karen went for the triple cartilage piercing in her conch.  She chose to upgrade her jewellery from the initial piercing jewellery.  Karen decided to have a clear CZ claw set crystal, a Midnight Purple CZ claw set crystal and a Sleepy Lavender claw set opal to compliment her other jewellery.  

So – why not take the plunge and get yourself a new piercing or three?!  For piercing prices just take a look here.  Piercings are done on a walk-in basis so just come in the the Studio during our opening times!

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