Always wanted a lip piercing but don’t know which one? Or just not sure what the one you want is called? Have no fear because we’re here to explain the types of lip piercing!

Sit back and enjoy this quick guide to lip piercings and as a result find the perfect one for you.

Types of Lip Piercing

Labret Piercing

labret Piercing

This is the name for the ‘standard’ lip piercing we know and love.  It’s the one below the middle of the lower lip (although it can also go anywhere along the lower lip). The Labret piercing looks great on both guys and girls, therefore it is a favourite that never goes out of fashion.  Like the name suggests it is fitted with a labret jewellery.

Monroe/Madonna Piercing 

Monroe Piercing

These two Piercings are names after two very famous ladies who had iconic looks.  Monroe Piercings are always to the left above the top lip, to resemble to the late film star’s infamous birth mark. The Madonna Piercing is named after the mole Pop Star Madonna sported back in the 80’s. Madonna Piercings are always above the top right side of the lip. Both of these piercings are fitted with a Labret.Madonna Piercing

Medusa Piercing

Medusa Piercing

Medusa Piercings are also above the top lip but directly in the centre, set in the philtrum. It is especially important to spend time to get this piercing directly central. The Medusa should be exactly in line with the septum (middle of the nose).  This is because it can change the symmetry of the face due to incorrect placment.  Again, these piercings are fitted with a standard Labret. 

Jestrum Piercing/Vertical Labret

Jestrum Piercing

These two piercings both go through the lip vertically.  They are both pierced with a curved barbell as both sides of the jewellery can be seen.  Jestrum Piercings go vertically through the middle of the top lip. While the Vertical Labret (also known as an Ashley Piercing) is the same, but through the bottom lip. These both need to be placed properly, following the central line of the face – again in line with the septum. With both of these piercings you get the looking of the ‘Traditional’ lip piercing, with the added bonus of another ball cushioned on the lip.

Vertical Piercing

Snake Bites

snake bites Piercing

Snake bites are made up of two Labret lip piercings on either side of the lower lip.   This is therefore the most common combination of lip piercings.

Angel Bites

angel bites Piercing

Two piercings on the top lip on either side. A combination of Madonna and Medusa piercings.  A fabulous choice if you like multiple piercings since they are a bit unique. 

Spider Bites

spider bites Piercing

Spider bites or Viper bites are a pair of piercings close together on one side of the lower lip.  This piercing collection is nice if you like multiple lip piercings while still being quite subtle. 

Cyber Bites

cyber bites Piercing

An interesting look, cyber bites are made up of a central Labret and a Medusa piercing.  Therefore it is very important to take the time to mark these on if you go for Cyber Bites.  Both Piercings must be lined up centrally on the face and not just with each other.

Dolphin Bites

dolphin bites Piercing

Similar to Snake bites, but closer together. The two piercings sit close together either side of the central line of the face on the lower lip.  

Dahlia Bites

Dahlia Piercing

Usually only ever seen in pairs this is a piercing in the corner of the mouth. It is not a common piercing to get, therefore this piercing can really enhance a smile should you go for this option.

Canine Bites

cyber bites piercing Piercing

Combining Angel Bites and Snake Bites to make 4 piercings; 2 on either side of the top lip and 2 on either side of the bottom. 

Shark bites

shark bites Piercing

Spider bites, on both sides of the lower lip – therefore 2 piercings near to each other on both side of the lower lip.


Of course, these combinations are not the only ones you can have.  You can mix it up a bit and get something the really compliments your face.  You are also welcome to have a chat with our piercer Anna about what works for you. So whatever types of Lip Piercing you would like stop in, see Anna and get it done!

Already have one of these types of lip piercing?  We have lots of Jewellery that will be great in your healed piercing.  So make sure you get a fancy new upgrade in time for the summer!

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