The best part of my Tattoo School, apart from the freeness of it all, is that the goal and curriculum are set at the outset.  So, if you are an experienced tattoo artist or just a beginner, we know what our goal is…

Pain free tattooing…..for the artist.

Let’s get over the first obstacle: Time.  You haven’t got any right?  Well you will need to set aside an hour thirty on six mornings a week.  That is if you prefer training in the mornings?  Remember this will be your program and we are just using my program as an example.

Find the time, get up earlier.

The Program:

Day 1:

  • Bodypart 5 x exercises 3x sets of each with pyramid reps of 20,15,10.  
  • Followed by 1 minute kneeling on a yoga ball.  
  • 60 crucifix sit-ups whilst sat on a yoga ball.  
  • 1 X minute Balance Board.  
  • 3 X Rope Climbs.  
  • 20 X Triangles.
  • Head Stand for 30 seconds moving to crouching tiger position for 10 seconds.  
  • Heavy Bag….20 jabs 20 crosses 20 hooks left and right 20 uppercuts left and right.  
  • 10 X knees left and right 10 X kicks left and right.  
  • Chin up Bar…10 x chin ups, 10 x knee to chest raises.  
  • Bulgaria Bag…5x squats. 5 x around the world to the left then five to the right.  
  • This is all topped off with a 1.5 mile brisk walk.

Day 2: Same as day one just a different body part.  Repeat for six days a week training a different body part each day but keeping all conditioning exercises the same.

On the seventh day you rest: Take your rest day when you really need it, early of late in the the week but use it wisely.

I break “body parts” into six, one for each day and they are: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Biceps, Back and Legs.  They are listed in the order I train each week, this routine suits me, a different order may suite you and you may want to break your “body parts” down differently, the weight training is only a small part of the story when it comes to achieving our goal.

Also note the high reps, all you are going to need is low weights.  If you haven’t trained for years then a broom handle will do the job of the weights, the important factor here is to stimulate the muscle’s and tendons and not turn you into Conan the barbarian.

If you have done a bit of training or already train then some of what I have described will make sense if not all.  However if my program is as “clear as mud” then fear not, just follow the blog over the coming weeks and I will break this stuff down for you in pictures and words.

If you landed on this page with dreams of being a Pro Tattooer in two weeks time then my advice to you is this: Find a Professional and get an Apprenticeship.  Save your money; Tattoo Schools are a sham.  If the people running them were worth their salt as tattooists then they wouldn’t have the time to teach.  You will learn more on this blog to further your career for free than you will at ANY Tattoo school.

If by any chance you are running a Tattoo School and are wondering who the “new” competition is?  Breath a sigh of relief, I will leave the desecration of this craft in your hands…..whilst stealing every available Google search term that I can with this blog…..get a proper job.

Hopefully you are already feeling the benefits of playdoh and a brisk walk before breakfast?  Got your yoga ball ready?  Next post we are going to start on your balance and core, time to loosen up a few trapped nerves!