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It has been a while but the website is now back up and running with a new look, a new shop and a new story page. I am currently tattooing on the Isle Of Man at On The Road Tattoo

I have a lot of new tattoo work to show and I will be updating the story page regularly. I have decided to stay away from social media as much as possible and instead dedicate time to this website and the On The Road Tattoo Studios. Hopefully we can build our own little community here so please feel free to comment on the posts and ask questions if you have any, or just say “hello!”.

Well hasn’t coronavirus been fun?

Like everyone else I wish it would just dissapear, but it looks like it is here to stay and it has to be treated with equal respect and contempt. It has delayed all of my plans, hence the absence of the website. But there is good news, the mobile tattoo studio has really taken off well on the Isle of Man and has done everything asked of it



When will I be back across in the UK?

Nothing has been planned yet but I am working on getting back “across” as soon as I possibly can. This may be in the On the Road Studio in which case I can catch up with customers old and new, or it may be a flying visit in my little stealth camper which is based on a Suzuki Carry Van. A lot of work has been done on the little camper over various lockdowns and it is nearly finished. Once it is finished I will be able to travel across and do some guest spots and possibly conventions, if they are going ahead, and I won’t have to worry about accommodation.

So how’s it going on the Isle of Man?

I like Island life and I have been crazy busy with tattoos, I have lots of new work to post and some nice pieces in progress, The On The Road Tattoo Studio has been brilliant through the pandemic. It has been very straightforward introducing all of the new safety measures and I feel now more than ever that the mobile Tattoo Studio is the future. It would have been difficult to survive the lockdowns as a one artist studio in a commercial premises. 

So What Next for Iaint Nosaint?

We are converting more mobile tattoo studios for On The Road Tattoo. There is the opportunity for other tattoo artists to be able to start their own Mobile Tattoo Studio in the UK without fear of overheads or pandemics. We have the blueprint, we have the means, some investment would be welcomed and a blank canvas to work on. At the moment there is a shortage of vans to convert. The UK company is just about still alive and kicking and the website is back.

What’s the Story?

Tattoos, artwork, airbrush, vape and more. The Coronavirus has definitely slowed the roll in regard to tattoo work being taken on. Thanks to a hook up with Bell Helmets there are a couple of airbrush projects ready to start. Lots of artwork ideas. Reviews and general day to day news. Social Media is in maintanance mode, this is where all the latest news is posted. Welcome back….. take a look around the shop.