Continuing from my last post, you may remember it, Abbots Langley’s version of the movie the great escape. We have recovered and business is as normal as business can be at the I Ain’t No Saint Studio. Except…

I have already heard “on the street” that I am retiring, giving up, quitting and there is no point starting any big work with me because I possibly only have months to live. 

I know how Trump feels.

So if you are tired of “fake news” then you now know what to do: follow the blog regularly for updates.  I will be regularly blogging again and keeping everyone informed of our plans and the obstacles we encounter in achieving them.

First and foremost: I will not be giving up tattooing, I have in fact only just got started. 

So what’s the plan Stan?

Well the I Ain’t No Saint Studio will be closing in Abbots Langley at the end of the summer.  The plan is to return in March 2019.  I will be tattooing over the winter months, I will do a bit of a tour whilst supporting my local clients through the “Stealth Project”. 

What is the “Stealth Project”?  I can’t say too much at the moment because it’s “stealthy”.  Let’s just say this; we have re-invented a bit of British Tattoo History.  We have given it a 21st century spin and the result is something quite wonderful.  The like’s of  Ron Ackers and George Burchett did their business differently back in the day. Tattooing used to be magical and we are trying bring some of that magic back.

Everyone seems to be looking for not only a great Tattoo, but also a great “experience”.  Let’s just say we think we have the ultimate “experience” for you!  My Tattooing ain’t bad either.

Like all good things it’s going to be a little bit exclusive.  My regulars already have a clue. If it sounds like something appealing to you then you will have to apply to get involved if you are not already a “friend” of the I Ain’t No Saint Studio.

Once the I Ain’t No Saint Studio closes we will be able to fully concentrate on doing some more conventions over the winter months.  Another result of the recent break-in is that we don’t exactly feel comfortable leaving the Studio for the weekend even though we have some great neighbours keeping an eye on it.

Holiday!  There will be a few blank weeks in the diary over the winter months, we need and deserve a decent break, but where?  I love Brazil but will be tempted to “roll” and no doubt get injured so that’s out.  It’s too late for Ibiza right?  Best suggestion wins a T-shirt!

The “plan” is to have the next “Studio” open in March 2019.  We are currently looking for premises, however I am not convinced it is as straightforward as finding a new shop.  I am not convinced we need a shop.

We have a choice; we either expand at this time or we just consolidate.  Either we go big or stay small.  There is a lot to be said for staying small but it’s hard work when you cannot spread the load.  I love being busy but Holidays and rest and relaxation is also extremely important.

I also have other interests to explore.  I have made a Custom Paint comeback.  I not only need to dedicate some time to this but I will also need space. I seem to be one of the last resorts for cover-ups, a laser would really speed this work up.  Again we need space.

We also need to spend some time bringing more attention to our healing product Super Tattoo Sauce. Anyone who has used it through the I Ain’t No Saint Studio knows that this is natural amazing stuff.  It’s a vegan product and ticks all the boxes; we just need to get it to a bigger audience.

So if all goes to “plan” we will be back in March 2019 in a premises that combines Tattooing, Piercing, Vape, Laser Tattoo Removal and Custom Paint.  There will be employment opportunities for a full time Artist and an Apprentice.  We will be happy to receive email applications for these positions.  We may well have an opportunity for someone who could offer some Graphic Computer skills and I am always keen to speak to Paint Sprayers or Airbrush Artists.

Hopefully this will all be located as close to Abbots Langley as possible.  We are actively looking for something “different” a combination of industrial and retail perhaps?  If you see or know of anything locally that you think may suit our needs please let us know.

Obviously our “plans” will not come cheap.  Having previously confirmed that there is little or no similarity between myself and Scrooge McDuck there is much that can go wrong.  However: we are grafters and prepared to put the effort in.  That said there are some very real investment opportunities within the Company with some great returns projected.  If you feel you have some help to offer it would be good to hear from you.

Hopefully this brief explanation of our plans re-assures our regular and future customers.  I would rather be straight and let you know we have some disruption due in the future than follow the latest trend of announcing the Studio will be closed in three weeks and all Gift Vouchers will be honoured in that time….. yeah right.

Our Gift Vouchers are good until expiry.