Just recently I have been getting asked a lot of questions that I have been unable to answer. When is the shop opening? what is your availability? When are you coming back to the UK? Can you tattoo in your truck at our wedding?

Sadly, I can now answer all of these questions and more.

2022 has been a bit of a nightmare for us. It didn’t start well when the business plans we put in place turned out to be a bit of a waste of time.

It got much worse when my best friend and the heart of our little family Treacle the dog started getting unwell.

Now if you really know me or my partner then you will either know, or know of our dog. We don’t go out, because of the dog, we are not very sociable, because of the dog, we don’t holiday because of the dog… you get the picture, we are mad dog people. And as such all we are ever worried about is getting home to our dog.

And with good reason, she is a princess, an absolute star. Anyone tattooed by me prior to 2018 will know this as she was the studio meeter and greeter. If I am honest she has way more friends than I do, everybody loved her, and those who didn’t or had a bad word to say about her, turned out to be the worst of the worst humans I had ever had the misfortune to come across.

Poor old Treacle got sick this year. And when your best pal needs you then in my book you do your best for them. So for most of 2022 I have been working part time and taking big chunks of time off to look after my dog.

Sadly Treacle passed away on Tuesday just gone. She was old and she had done her bit. We never knew quite how old but we have been telling people she is 12 or 13 since we got to the Isle of Man. And that was three years ago. It was time and she let us know it was.


The vets at Jane Callows were outstanding, Treacle passed away at home with everyone around her.

So in short if you have been wondering what I have been doing with the tattoo business and the new shop, now you know. It has been plodding along in the background while I took care of what was important to me.

Suddenly I have a lot of time on my hands. So over the next couple of weeks the shop, opening times, truck plans and custom paint will all be getting sorted and it is full steam ahead.

I will need to keep myself very busy. As such there will be plenty of availability, afternoons are suddenly free and I am open to doing some evening sessions as well.



More news to follow. To all those who have been very patient with me this year, thank you. To those that have fallen by the wayside, sorry if you feel let down, but I had to take care of my own.

Onwards and upwards, let’s get some serious tattooing and custom paint done. The studio will be open soon, definitely by the start of the new year, maybe even sooner. We just need to sit down and work out a new timetable.

What I can tell you now is that the shop wont be On The Road Tattoo.

The shop will be: IAINTNOSAINT.

Keep an eye on the website, it is our go to for updates now, more so than social media.

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