At the start of December Iain did a cover up tattoo for this customer on his inside forearm.  A few weeks later he had booked back in to get a Wing Tattoo on the outside of the forearm. 

Firstly this customer came to the I Ain’t No Saint Studio for a Cover Up Tattoo of some Roman Numerals.  He wanted a Lion wearing a Native American headdress.  The customer booked in for one of our Afternoon Sessions to get it done and Iain created artwork that would work and fit the brief.

The afternoon sessions are a 5 hour session for the price of 4 (£320).  If you want to get a complete piece done, or have a plan for a bigger piece (for example full sleeve, back or chest) these sessions not only get a lot done but also mean you save a bit of cash too!

A few weeks later, this customer came back in wanting to fill the rest of his forearm.  He had decided upon having a wing on the outside of the forearm.  Booking in for another half day session at the end of December the plan was to fill as much of the lower arm as possible with a big wing tattoo.  

On the day of the appointment, Iain drew the wing tattoo freehand to fit the space.  Iain has used a method of reversing out the wing, meaning that the clean skin has been used to create the lightness of the wing giving it an etherial look. 

A fast way to achieve a full lower sleeve, both pieces have been done in afternoon sessions.  There is some more shading to be added at a later date, and plans to move up to arm too.  Keep an eye out to see the progression. 

If you would like to take a look at more pieces that Iain has done in one of his afternoon sessions take a look at his gallery

If you would like to get booked in, please come in to the Studio to discuss your next bit of Ink!  If you can’t get in during our opening times – Monday-Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm – you can contact us here.