It’s not long now until we attend the Wrexham Tattoo Convention 2017!

Iaint will be tattooing at the Wrexham Tattoo Convention 2017 on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November. This comes only a month on from our stop in Wolverhampton at the Halloween Tattoo Bash.  It’s been very busy since we have got back especially with Iaint picking his airbrush up again

The Wrexham Tattoo Show will be our 3rd convention of the year – if you want to see what happened at the last two take a look here.   This time, Iaint has a piece to do on a regular customer of his who lives in Wales and usually travels to see us in the Studio.  He will be taking advantage of Iaint attending the Wrexham Tattoo Convention 2017 and getting something new done…Make sure you keep an eye on our Instagram and check back after the weekend to see what went on…

We also have a new piece that Iaint will be doing on our piercer Anna too so there will be plenty going on!  Last time we managed to finish the black and grey shade in the Unicorn piece that we have been working on at previous conventions.

Not only will Iaint be tattooing  but on our stall you will be able to see some of the Custom Paint work that Iaint has been working on. We will have a display of just a few items that Iaint can airbrush. He will be happy to answer any of your custom paint enquiries

If you are attending the Wrexham Tattoo Convention 2017 stop by the booth and say hi!  Iaint is currently booked for the weekend.  But if you’re there to get tattooed he is there to Tattoo so he might be able to do a few walk ups if he has time! 

The Studio will be closed from 12.30 on Friday however we will be open as normal on Monday 20th November.  If you need any Vape products you can always check out our online store and click and collect on Monday!