Tattoo Prices

The phone rings, the same question is asked: “How much do you charge an hour?” Then the caller hangs up with, supposedly, all of the information they could possibly need…

This happens daily.  We also get people describing tattoos down the phone and then asking “How much?” – as if I can get enough information on the phone to accurately price a tattoo of any size or description.

If you’re one of those people who just needs to know the hourly rate then I have bad news for you, it has just gone up to £80 an hour.

Now that all of those people have stopped reading I can explain our tattoo prices.


Let’s clear up a few things first; every tattooer I have met tattoos differently – some are fast some are slow, some do intricate detail some fill big areas with loads of shade, some work dark some work light, some use big needle grouping and some use small.  Speed comes over time, so someone who has been tattooing for ten years is going to be quicker, smoother and better skilled in my opinion than someone who has been tattooing for two years.  [Take into account I am talking pro tattooers and not the new wave army of scratchers chewing up skin who are under the illusion that being able to draw somehow means they will be able to tattoo, wrong!]

Looking back to what I could do two years into my tattoo career compared to the work I can do now is all the evidence I need.

Half Sleeve Dragon Coverup

So an hour in this Parlour could well achieve the same result that five hours in your £20 an hour studio will.  Although I bet the quality will be of a much higher standard here at I Aint No Saint.

It starts with the quotation.

Please bring in some sort of visual reference; it really helps, even if it is a rough scribble, so we have a starting point.  We will discuss the options and hopefully come up with a plan.  At this point I usually ask what your budget is and it is at this point most people look at me as if I have just turned into “Maverick” the card shark. Not so, there is just no point me designing the Sistine Chapel if you only have budget for the Mona Lisa.

Sleeves in progress

Once we have a plan I will give you a guesstimate, I always guess high.  Usually clients come in the Parlour prepared for a bill of say £300 and walk out paying £250, that’s just how it seems to work.  I am happy and the clients seem really chuffed.

On smaller work, tattoos that can be done in one siting, I give a price, a fair price, take it or leave it.  Time does not enter the equation so the hourly rate does not apply.


The hourly rate only applies to session work, so if you have a three hour session prepare to pay £240, however by the time we knock off breaks etc, you will have change in your pocket.

As a guideline only:

Outer half sleeve from 5 hours

Full half sleeve from 8 hours

Full sleeve from 14 hours

Back from 18 hours

Chestplate from 10 hours

A small name on the wrist £80 (our minimum charge)

The Celtic Cross pictured below £160

The Koi pictured below £250

Celtic CrossKoi lower arm

I hope this gives you some sort of feel for tattoo prices in our parlour; every tattoo is different and every tattoo studio has its own tattoo prices, there are so many factors to take into account.

If you want to know for sure call in for a chat anytime, but please don’t just walk in ask me how much an hour I am and then walk out mumbling at how expensive I am. Because if you don’t know what I can do in an hour…


…then you don’t know if I am expensive or not.