How much do you charge per hour?

Artwork and “sketches”…. I vary rarely sketch anymore most artwork is created digitally.

Cost for artwork creation is between £25 and £350+ depending on the size, complexity and hours spent.

Many of my customers wait to see the stencil, its free. But if you want artwork then it can be done at a cost, it may delay your booking date if it is a bespoke design that needs revisions.

How much I charge per hour may not give you a complete picture of the cost unless you also consider my tattooing speed.

For sessions my rate is £70 per hour.

However, for smaller tattoos, I work based on a fair market rate that reflects my extensive experience of over twenty years.

My speed in tattooing is above average, and if I were to charge solely by the hour for all tattoos, it would be undervaluing my work.

In fact, a fast tattoo artist charging £70 per hour is ultimately more cost-effective than a slower artist charging only £30 per hour.

My minimum charge is £60 which covers most small tattoos such as names and anything that will take less than 45 minutes.

A one and done tattoo will cost between £100 and £450, this is a tattoo that can be done in one session.

Tattoos that will take multiple sessions will be charged at £70 an hour from the outset.

Multiple day bookings are POA.

Prices can vary if it is something that I really want to do, something that I really dont want to do and if it is an emergency.

If you have a budget that you are working to then please tell me at the outset. If you are open to giving me as much of a freehand with design as possible then you may well get a bargain.

If you are set on a design and there is no creativity needed then I will tell you if the design is achievable with me within your budget at the outset.

Asking me to copy someone else’s work will cost you more than giving me a subject and a free hand on design. i try to avoid exact copies by free-handing, or making some minor changes to give it some originality.

Book with me and experience the combination of skill, efficiency, and fair pricing for your tattoo.

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