New Tattoo Prices!

As Winter appears to have finally made way for Spring, we have some new Tattoo prices! 

These prices are open to all customers, whether ongoing, new or returning, but for them to apply you will need to pay in advance when booking in.

The new tattoo prices will really appeal to anyone who wants to get larger or highly detailed work done.  For example, if you’re wanting to get a full colour sleeve done (approx. 20 hours) you can lock in the price of £1,080 for the whole thing by paying in advance.   We can then book in regular sessions, where you can just sit back and relax in the studio.  And you will have saved £320 compared to paying for each session!

For any customer who wants to book in and pay on the day of your tattoo that can still be done!  All you will need to do is pay a deposit as normal, and then pay the remaining at the end of the session, again as normal.  For these sessions it will still be the same that the charge will either be for the piece, or for ongoing session work at the hourly rate.

However!  If you want to pay upfront for your tattoo you can take advantage of the following prices :

£160 – 2 hours

£210 – 3 hours

£280 – 4 hours

£400 – 6 hours

£500 – 8 hours

£580 – 10 hours

£825 – 15 hours

£1,050 – 20 hours

£1,500 – 30 hours

£2,400 – 50 hours

Want to get booked in?  Just get in contact with us by clicking the ‘Chat Now’ button or use the contact form here.

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