I will now be tattooing on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. This will be from the 1st of September 2023 until further notice. This is an appointment only service at the moment, you will need to book your tattoo in advance.

You can make an appointment through using the “chat now” feature by hitting the green button. This will take you straight through to my WA Business account. If you do not have WhatsApp then please use the contact form under the contact tab.

I will get back to you as soon as possible but please be aware that I am a “one man band” and as such communication can be slow. Your patience is appreciated but should you be an impatient person then I am possible “not the one” for you.

Do not be offended if I decline your tattoo, it could be as simple as not having any tattoo slots for the time that your tattoo will take. I am selective as to the tattoos I undertake, I do not do public skin on first timers or the lightly tattooed.

The first appointment of the day is at 10.30am and afternoon sessions start at 2.30pm. 

When not tattooing I am working with the airbrush, you can see my work on www.custompaint.co.uk

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