Exciting news! We’ve just launched our new booking system, and it’s a game-changer!

Here’s how it works: On the 15th of every month, we release the availability for the following month on our website. You can easily view the available dates, get in touch with us, confirm the availability, and secure your spot by paying a deposit of usually £50.

Trust me, these spots fill up fast, so mark the 15th in your calendar!

If you’re one of our cherished regulars, have ongoing work with us, or are one of our loyal supporters, we’ll send you the dates via WhatsApp on the 14th. No need to reply if we’ve already lined up your next appointment, you’re already in!

On the 15th, the dates go out through our On The Road Newsletter, so make sure to sign up for it.

And if any spots are left, around the 20th, we’ll promote them over social media. But hurry, they might be snatched up quickly! We still have a few spots available for September 2023.

Once all the dates are filled, we won’t take any more advance bookings until the 15th of the following month when new dates are released. And here’s the exciting part: if everything goes according to plan, our longest waiting time for a tattoo will be no more than four weeks!

Rest assured, I’m dedicating more time to working on my website instead of social media,ensuring all your tattoo questions are answered in advance, including pricing and charges.

Can’t wait to see you at my studio soon!

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