The wolf tattoo is approx three months healed.

The diary is now open for October, I will be tattooing from the studio on Parliament Street on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only.

If you have ongoing work then you will be given booking priority.

I have some spaces in the diary for new projects. I have space to take on two or possibly three sleeve, back or stocking tattoos or a similar sized project.

Due to the new schedule I will also have some space for smaller tattoos, my remaining availability for September is as follows:


  • 15th September full.
  • 22nd September 2.30 pm onwards
  • 23rd September full.25th September 10.30am
  • 26th September full.
  • 29th September full.
  • 30th September full.
  • 30th September 2.30pm onwards

The available dates are subject to change at any time without notice. Please check the comments below for updates.

    October 2023 Bookings

    October availability is good and if you are having ongoing sessions, then it is a good idea to plan in advance and get your dates booked early.

    I will make every effort to notify ongoing customers in advance and via the On The Road Tattoo newsletter as and when dates become available.

    I am taking a bit of a break from social media to concentrate on my own websites but I will still be using X to notify last minute cancellations, date changes and walk in days. You can follow me here.

    You can look at my pricing here.

    You can leave a comment in the section below or If you would like to know how to book then please click here.


    1. Iaint Nosaint

      Morning of the 26th has now been booked, I am still available from 2.30pm onwards.

    2. Jonny

      My son isn’t on fb. But he would like to book with you. Any afternoon.

    3. Iaint Nosaint

      The 23rd is now almost full, I have space for one very quick one at the end of the day!

    4. Iaint Nosaint

      26th almost full, room for a small one at 4.30pm

    5. Ruth Murphy-Gale

      Can I book in at 4.30pm on 26th September please

    6. Iaint Nosaint

      Please use the chat now button to discus your tattoo and get booked in.

    7. Iaint Nosaint

      The morning of the 30th has just become free.

    8. Iaint Nosaint

      correction the 30th is now fully booked the morning of the 15th has become free.

    9. Iaint Nosaint

      Availability update as of the morning of the 12th:

      Fri 15th available am and pm
      Mon 18th available pm
      Fri 22nd available pm
      Mon 25th available am
      Fri 29th available pm

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