My mobile tattoo studio may be undergoing a refurbishment, but don’t worry, I have created a new “On The Road” tattoo studio on Parliament Street in Ramsey on the Isle of Man.

While the original four wheeled studio is off the road until January 2024, my new studio awaits your          visit, complete with TV entertainment, Netflix, UFC, Moto GP, BSB etc it also features the usual tunes        and the very latest tattoo equipment.

Enjoy the privacy of getting tattooed in a private studio and immerse yourself in the unique vibe. Come and see it for yourself, the tattoos aren’t bad either.

To book for a tattoo click here and follow the links.

       When not tattooing I am also busy painting helmets

       As an experienced tattoo artist, I understand the importance of providing top-notch artwork and a             unique studio experience. 

       If I am not tattooing in the studio then I will be getting the truck ready for next year, a new spray-               booth built for the custom painting and the studio finished off and finally open. 

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